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  • Friendz Sessions 66 mixed by Braam Alberts

    Friendz Podcast 066 - mp3 file download - Right click on the link and save the file to your computer.

    Here is a reconstruct of the set I played on the Trance Sanctuary and Friendz Sunset Boat Party

    Thanks to all that came down for the boat party and danced the night away with us!

    Hope to see you soon!

    All credit go to the artists that produced the below master pieces. Please support them by buying their music from reputable dealers.

    Braam Alberts Set Track List:

    1. Markus Schulz_Ana Diaz-Beat Service-Nothing Without Me feat Ana Diaz-Beat Service Remix
    2. Jurgen Vries_The Theme_MaRLo Remix
    3. Giuseppe Ottaviani_Passion_Extended Mix
    4. Raneem--Ray of Sunshine-Original Mix
    5. Find Above Horizons Braam Alberts Mashup
    6. Demigod_Tempo Guisto_Original_Mix
    7. Aeon_Of_Revenge_-_Original_Mix_-_Andrew_Rayel_-_A_State_of_Trance
    8. Alex MORPH_Sylvia Tosun-Tomas Heredia-An Angels Love feat Sylvia Tosun-Tomas Heredia Remix
    9. Richard Durand_Super Dad_Original Mix
    10. On A Good Day (Metropolis) (Extended Mix)
  • Friendz Sessions 65 mixed by Braam Alberts

    Friendz Podcast 065 - mp3 file download - Right click on the link and save the file to your computer.

    Here is the latest edition of Friendz Sessions with me Braam Alberts. In this edition is the recording of my set at Ministry of Sound for elevation Audio's Dark Label launch.

    Some Progressive Psy sounds in this one to fit with the theme of the night.

    Hope you enjoy!

    All credit go to the producers that created the music in this set. Please support them by buying their music from credible dealers.


    1. Morten Granau_Ruback_Tension_Original Mix
    2. Neelix__Expect What_Original Mix
    3. Neelix_Call Me_Morten Granau Remix
    4. Polyamoris_Magick Reality_Original Mix
    5. Tezla_A Little Bit_Ranji Remix
    6. Mindfold_Wet Devices_Original Mix
    7. Radial_Phoenix_Original Mix
    8. Liam Wilson_Nyquist_James Dymond Remix
    9. Ghost Rider_Turn Around_Original Mix
    10. Neelix_Not the One feat Caroline Harrison feat Caroline Harrison_Original Mix
    11. Will Atkinson_Darkboy_Darker Shades Of Black_Liquid Soul Remix
  • Friendz Sessions 64 with Braam Alberts - Guest Mixes SCHNEIJDER and ALI WILSON

    Friendz Podcast 064 - mp3 file download - Right click on the link and save the file to your computer.

    In the this edition of Friendz Session with me, Braam Alberts, we have 2 guest mixes by our headliners on our SOLD OUT boat party, The Trance Sanctuary and Friendz Sunset Boat Party.
    In the 1st hour we have a a great little mix from Ali Wilson and in the 2nd hour the live recording of Sneijder at the last Luminosity Beach Festival.
    Hope you enjoy!

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    1. Zero B – Lockup (Ali Wilson & Nick Coles Official 2015 Remix)
    2. Markus_Schulz_-_Lost_In_The_Box_(London)_(Original_Mix)
    3. Hurrarh – Mirage (Ali Wilson TEKELEC Remix)
    4. Purple_Stories_-_Hot_Harbour_(Original_Mix)
    5. Ali Wilson & Chris North – Flare Up
    6. Fisherman_&_Hawkins_-_Planet_Unknown_(Original_Mix)
    7. Ali Wilson & Chris North – Amethyst
    8. Menno_de_Jong_-_Abhyasa_Alex_Di_Stefano_Remix
    9. Ali Wilson & Chris North – Pluck You (Vandit)
    10. RAM_-_Elijah
    11. jee040-jerome-isma-ae-hold-that-sucker-down-jerome-isma-aes-10-year-anniversary-mix
  • Friendz Sessions 63 with Braam Alberts - Guest Mixes MICKY G and JAMES DAMIAN

    Friendz Podcast 063 - mp3 file download - Right click on the link and save the file to your computer.

    Here is a selection of 4 mixes by Rob Loco B2B Analisa, Braam alberts, Adam Ellis and Wynand Delport recorded live on our Friendz Summer Beach Boat Party on June the 6th 2015.

    There are no track lists available

  • Friendz Sessions 62 with Braam Alberts - Guest Mixes MICKY G and JAMES DAMIAN

    Friendz Podcast 062 - mp3 file download - Right click on the link and save the file to your computer.

    No track list available

  • Friendz Sessions 61 with Braam Alberts - Guest Mixes ADAM ELLIS and JUSTIN HAYWARD

    Friendz Podcast 061 - mp3 file download - Right click on the link and save the file to your computer.

    Track list ADAM ELLIS mix:

    1. Ruback & Ghost Rider - Save It (Adam Ellis Edit)
    2. Vici Vici - The Tribe (Adam Ellis Edit)
    3. Peter Steele - Mantra
    4. Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus (Eric Prydz Remix / Sean Tyas Rework)
    5. As The Rush Freaks (JOC Mashup) (Garceau Reconstruction / Adam Ellis Edit)
    6. Digital Impulse - My Game
    7. 2nd Phase - Hostage (XGenic Remix)
    8. Neptune Project - Aztec (Adam Ellis Remix)
    9. Ana Crado & Nitrous Oxide - Before I Met You (James Rigby Remix)
    10. Tyas & Patterson - Somethings Up
    11. Menno De Jong - Abhyasa
  • Friendz Sessions 60 with Braam Alberts - Guest Mixes NEUTRINO and CRAIG FOWLER

    Friendz Podcast 060 - mp3 file download - Right click on the link and save the file to your computer.

    Friendz Guest mix by Craig Fowler:

    1. DarKantik - Quantum Noise [NHKFF remix]
    2. &ME - Purple Rain [Original mix]
    3. Kapshul - Winter Sunlight [Original mix]
    4. Alex ll Martinenko - Morning Fly [Dub mix]
    5. Giuliano Rodrigues - Same Effect [Jon Donson remix]
    6. Jelly For The Babies, Beat Maniacs - Broken Flowers [East Cafe remix]
    7. Lanoiraude - Waitin' [Charles Webster Missive Sounds remix]
    8. Giuliano Rodrigues - Crema [Original mix]
    9. WittyProd - Shades [Richie Bradley remix]
    10. Roberto Traista - Inside Yourself [Original mix]
    11. Hells Kitchen - In the Dust [Original mix]
    12. Lovebirds, Novika - This Time feat. Novika [Gorge remix]
    13. Mi Katto - The Dark Side [Original mix]
    14. nonus - Ophelia [Hells Kitchen remix]

    Friendz Guest mix by NEUTRINO:

    1. Nightcall (Phaxe Remix)byKavinsky & Lovefoxxx
    2. JellyheadbyPhaxe & Morten Granau
    3. Pinapple XpressbyAudiomatic & Phaxe
    4. The CollectivebyPhaxe & Morten Granau
    5. Thriller (Bootleg)byPhaxe & Morten Granau
    6. UnforgottenbyPhaxe
    7. Human (Neutrino Edit)byNeelix
    8. Drums & Guns (Audiomatic Remix)byPhaxe
    9. Angels of Destruction (Neelix Remix)byPhaxe
    10. ConsciousnessbyCaptain Hook & DJ Gula
    11. ImaginationbyInteractive Noise
    12. Dirty Ink (Normalize Remix)byTime in Motion
    13. RoulettebyCritical Choice
    14. Out of OrbitbyCritical Choice
    15. Human MindbyRubak
  • Friendz Sessions 59 with Braam Alberts - Guest Mixes BEN NICKY and GARTH HILL

    Friendz Podcast 059 - mp3 file download - Right click on the link and save the file to your computer.

    Showcasing guest mixes from DJ's on the line up for our Summer Boat Party:
    1st Mix: Garth Hill

    1. Kruse & Nuernberg - Lost N Free feat. Brolin (Original Mix)
    2. Miss Melera - Stunning (Original Mix)
    3. Disciples - They Don't Know (Pete Tong's Kingstown Remix)
    4. Andre Crom - The Devil feat. Thomas Gandey (Original Mix)
    5. Konvex & The Shadow - Shooting (Andre Crom Remix)
    6. Darlyn Vlys, Thomas Gandey - All You (Original Mix)
    7. Phonic Scoupe -Sand (Dousk Remix)
    8. Eelke Klein - The Voices (Original Mix)
    9. Eelke Klein - Space Disco (Original Mix)
    10. Sascha Braemer- Et Voila (Cristoph Remix)
    11. Eelke Kleijn - Celebrate Life (Extended Mix)

    2nd Mix: BEN NICKY live at ASOT Argentina

    1. 1. Astrix – Poison (Bizarre Contacts Remix)
    2. Simon Patterson – Thump (2014 Remix) (Ben Nicky Edit)
    3. The Technicians – Boom Box (Ben Nicky Edit)
    4. Neelix vs JOC – Find Yourself vs Galaxy Traveller (Sensualise Edit)
    5. Ben Nicky & Thomas Mengel ft. Sue Mclaren – Heart Go
    6. Simon Patterson ft. Sarah Howells – Dissolve (Ben Nicky's Original vs FF Remix Mashup)
    7. Ben Nicky ft. Chloe Stamp – Brave Heart
    8. Class A vs Bt ft. Jes – Every Other Way (Sensualise Mashup)
    9. Too Many Artists – Decipher Us (Ben Nicky ASOT 700 Headf**k Mashup)
    10. Kopel & Omini vs Energy 52 – Café Del Mar (Sensualise Mashup) (Ben Nicky Edit)
    11. Standerwick – Magic Light (Ben Nicky Edit)
    12. Tiesto vs Eddie Bitar – Lethal Rollercoaster (Ben Nicky Headf**k)
    13. Above & Beyond vs Indecent Noise – Hello Warsaw (Indecent Noise Mashup) (Ben Nicky Edit)
    14. Ferry Corsten vs Askew – Punk Torture (Dave Correa Mashup) (Ben Nicky Edit)
    15. Paul Van Dyk & Roger Shah ft. Daphnee Khoo – Louder (Ben Nicky Remix)
    16. Astrix vs Gareth Emery & JOC – Concrete Mel (Ben Nicky Psy Headf**k Mashup)
    17. JOC & Audrey Gallagher vs ID – Big Sky (James Dymond Mashup) (Ben Nicky Edit)
    18. Ben Nicky & Standerwick vs James Dymond – Drop (Ben Nicky Psy Mashup)
    19. Neelix vs ID – ID (Sensualise Mashup)
    20. ID vs Brian Cameron – ID (Ben Nicky Mashup)
  • Friendz Sessions 58 Mixed by Braam Alberts

    Friendz Podcast 058 - mp3 file download - Right click on the link and save the file to your computer.


    1. David Newsum_Spank Bank_Activa Deep Mix
    2. Paul Thomas_Russell G_Kash Trivedi_Fiji_Shadow Of Two Remix
    3. Markus Schulz_Lady V_Winter Kills Me feat Lady V_Solis Sean Truby Remix
    4. Richard Durand_Oxygen_Original Mix
    5. Linnea Schossow_Rafael Osmo_Airstrike_Original Mix
    6. Paul Oakenfold_Tiff Lacey_Hypnotized feat Tiff Lacey_Markus Schulz Remix
    7. Dennis Sheperd_Christina Novelli_Starlight feat Christina Novelli_Original Mix
    8. Solarstone_Nothing But Chemistry Here_Extended Mix
    9. Allen Envy_Coherent_Johnny Yono Remix
    10. Craig Connelly_Cate Kanell_Shipwreck feat Cate Kanell_Original Mix
    11. Svenson Gielen_Twisted_Jorn van Deynhoven Remix
    12. Signum_What Ya Got 4 Me_Duncan Newell Remix
    13. Dash Berlin_Roxanne Emery_Shelter feat Roxanne Emery_Photographer Remix
    14. Armin van Buuren_Rising Star_Betsie Larkin_Safe Inside You feat Betsie Larkin_Original Mix
    15. Daniel Skyver_Panic Stations_Original Mix
    16. Andy Moor_Betsie Larkin_Not Afraid_Adam Ellis Remix
    17. McAree Clancy_Mrrgan_Original Mix
    18. Denise Rivera_StereoJackers_Mark Loverush_Across Infinity feat Denise Rivera_Luke Terry Remix
    19. Manida_Rya_Escape To Paradise_UDM Remix
    20. Tangle_Sahara_ARDI Remix
    21. Sneijder_Cate Kanell_Letting Me Go_Original Mix
    22. Will Atkinson_Sharpshooter_Original Mix
    23. Fred Baker_Rebirth_Adam Ellis Remix
  • Friendz Session 057 with Braam Alberts Classics Mix

    Friendz Podcast 057 - mp3 file download - Right click on the link and save the file to your computer.


    1. Elektrochemie LK - Schall (Remix)
    2. Strange World-Airwave_Remix
    3. CRW - I Feel Love (Raf_Zone_mix)
    4. Greece 2000_Sander Van Dien Remix
    5. Tomcraft_-_Loneliness_(original_mix)
    6. Atb_-_Let_U_Go_(club_mix)
    7. Motorcycle -As_The_Rush_Comes__Daniel_Kandi___Anton_Firtich_Divine_Remix_
    8. Feels like home - Blank & Jones
    9. Nalin & Kane - Beachball (Myon & Shane 54 Remix)
    10. Shiver (Original) - Armin v Buuren
    11. Freefall_-_Skydive_(I_Feel_Wonderful)_(feat_Jan_Johnston_-_original_mix)
    12. Rapha_Pandora_Eddie Sender Remix
    13. 4Strings_-_Daytime_(remix)
    14. Blood_Is_Pumpin_2005_Original_Mix
    15. Kai Tracid__4 Just 1 Day_Energy Mix
    16. Above_Beyond-No_One_On_Earth_-_Gabriel_Dresden_Remix
    17. Marc_Et_Claude_-_Tremble_(Safri_Duo_vs._Fairlite_remix)
    18. NRG - G-Spot
    19. Kai Tracid__Too Many Times_Energy Mix
    20. Katana - In_Silence_(Txitxarro_Mix)
    21. Paul van Dyk__Crush_PvD Album Remix"