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(29. October 2009 15:13:12) mailan

(25. October 2009 12:36:11) Christel
GREAT new site!!! luv it!!

(22. October 2009 09:28:09) Cam
The new site looks a lot better :). Good effort

(3. October 2009 17:15:18) MissTwanna
Sbf 4 friends

(25. September 2009 10:31:14) octavia
lets chat

(25. September 2009 10:30:11) octavia

(22. September 2009 14:04:53) G.selvam
to join group

(19. September 2009 12:24:35) cam
Yet another great podcast release :) go Friendz. Missing the events though :(


(26. August 2009 19:28:30) venus patel
i like friendz

(16. July 2009 16:39:18) Charlie B
Howsit guys.

Gutted I can\'t make this one as I am off to Glade Festival for the weekend - with a line up like that it\'s sure to up to the usual kick arse standard!


(9. July 2009 15:30:19) cam
Yay not long now cant wait. See you all there.


(13. June 2009 00:21:43) roxsta
Finally, phil reynolds playing a friendz....long overdue...last set I hope!

(4. June 2009 13:17:39) Cam
Why??? thats not nice :P

(4. June 2009 11:29:38) Cat
sack the bloody photographer !!!!!

(2. June 2009 16:16:50) cam
Great event and cant wait for the next one.. As usual and I do always say this but it is true, great sets from all the DJ\'s, the croud was fantastic as usual though I think I may have had a bit to much to drink but I still managed to get some great photos and hope you all have a bit of a giggle at them when they are up this week.

See you all in July if not before.

Take care,

(28. May 2009 17:22:47) Charlie B
Nice one Brad see you there - this ones going to be HUGE!

(20. May 2009 23:27:33) Brad Thatcher
Looking forward to another fantastic boat party by FRIENDZ... see you on the boat : ))

(17. May 2009 06:42:59) Rathor Kumar
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(13. May 2009 23:00:30) russell ross
hi friendz i am in desperate need for 4 tickets for the 30th of May boat party, pls can anyone help it would be greatly appreciated cheers russell-079 128 630 54

(11. May 2009 14:35:36) edgaras123
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(6. May 2009 16:30:10) dee
Hey dee how r u

(6. May 2009 16:20:59) Paris

(25. April 2009 17:46:58) Dee
ooops i almost forgot about this site....:-S
have a lot of photo sets to catch up on!
was wondering how are things going with the friendz south africa parties.. do they only have the boat parties or do they get together more often? unfortunately i live in cape town not close to where the parties are!!!

enjoy the summer everyone!

(9. April 2009 21:27:04) Steve Allen

Drop me an email buddy -

wanna have a chat about a few bits, loved the pictures!


(8. April 2009 18:35:47) Chris E
Hey everyone!

Thanks for making the Spring Boat Party BIG FUN on the little boat :)
Hope to see all you guys again next time!

Take care ;)
Chris E

(7. April 2009 16:10:59) Cam
Yea was great am going to have the photos up this week.. just have to edit a few ;) and delete some others... I managed to take about 230 of them lol.. But other then that yes a great night I think I need to just put the camera down for a bit to get into it myself as I didnt really get to do that this time.

All in all it was a great night and cant wait untill May see you all there..


(6. April 2009 16:20:28) Ryan Wilkinson
Thanks for a great party, once again.

Friendz parties are always the best and alwasy deliver great music and a great crowd.

Really enjoyed playing to such an up for it crowd!

Bring on the next one.

Ryan Wilkinson

(6. April 2009 10:07:42) Cat
great party despite the tiny boat ! roll on may

(5. April 2009 17:13:25) Steve Allen
What an awesome Spring Boat Party, Was another great event! Thanx to everybody who made it such an awesome night, if you enjoyed my set you can download a special promotional mix with some of the tunes i spun on friday night.

April Promotional Mix

Steve Allen

(3. April 2009 19:22:42) RANA SAQIB
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(2. April 2009 14:44:34) Cam
Hey has anyone got a spare ticket for Friday I need to get hold of one for my mate.. Otherwise my wife is going to get bored with me running around tacking pics of everone :P...

See you all there its been way to long almost a year, its going to be nice to catch up with everyone and take pictures of you all doing silly things :)...

Self Titled, Friendz Photographer :P..

(2. April 2009 10:24:02) Cat

maybe friends reunited might be more your thing

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(10. March 2009 15:32:01) Cam
Finally I am back to taking the photos going to be great to catch up with everyone again its been way to long. See you all on the 3rd :)


(22. February 2009 21:37:35) ranasaqib
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(22. February 2009 04:01:02) Mel
Hey, is this a chatroom?

(2. February 2009 19:06:21) vijay
what would be the gold price february 2010


(20. October 2008 20:41:07) JT
How was the weather for October?!

Thanks for the \'freebies\' what a way to start the night -crisp tunes, too!


(20. October 2008 12:13:36) Natalie
roll on the next party, dont tell me its not till 2009 !

(20. October 2008 10:57:34) Ryan
What another wicked party!

Thanks for all the DJ\'s and crowd for a cool VIP boat party and club event at Ministry of Sound

(13. October 2008 16:45:52) Natalie
have sold the decks now, got about 650 for them. woo hoo !! see u Fri

(23. September 2008 14:16:02) charlie B
Roll on October 17th - This is going to be HUGE!

(31. August 2008 20:04:28) evelyn

(11. August 2008 13:09:34) charlie b
Natalie - are you still selling your kit?

I may have a buyer.

(6. August 2008 07:46:36) ganesh
hai ganesh how r u

(23. July 2008 18:21:04) Natalie
email is

(23. July 2008 18:20:27) Natalie
hello party goers
I am selling my Decks system as i am moving house.
includes 2 x 1210\'s ; mixer, amp, speakers and headphones plus some good old trance music to annoy the neighbours LOL! let me know if you are interested, i will take offers around £600. The stuff is 3 years old, and I have not used it much so its like new....

(23. July 2008 11:59:55) Natalie
coool party when is the next one ?
shame that the October party starts so early on the friday ; my friends that dont work in Central London cant come as they cant get there in time !!!

(22. July 2008 16:03:48) Genen
Whats wrong with my laptop?? sorry guys wrong link this is the link to the photo\'s

(22. July 2008 15:58:39) Genen
Got some photo\'s up again on DSI from the Summer boat Party..

(22. July 2008 15:56:41) Genen
LOL.. dont know why it came up 3 times,just done it once!

(15. July 2008 21:18:03) chris e
anyone got 3 spare boat tickets? please contact me :

(9. July 2008 00:07:33) roxsta
ok,ok,ok we get the message, still learning to use a keyboard, 20 lessons is enough girl!!!

(8. July 2008 00:15:37) Genen
Hi everyone!

Please check out the DSI psoting for the Summer Boat Party and the Pre-Party at the Temple Walkabout and add your name to the attending list!
Hi everyone!

Please check out the DSI psoting for the Summer Boat Party and the Pre-Party at the Temple Walkabout and add your name to the attending list!
Hi everyone!

Please check out the DSI psoting for the Summer Boat Party and the Pre-Party at the Temple Walkabout and add your name to the attending list!


(30. June 2008 11:26:42) martha beyonce
Hey GERIDA,ANNA,ANNETH and ROSE.Thank u all for visiting me,i realy had so much fun.i love and care for u guyz.

(18. June 2008 00:36:06) CARLLEN

(22. May 2008 13:53:21) David Brinson
Another awesome Friendz party - well done to everyone, and thank you for letting me play and celebrate my birthday with you all on the boat!

(20. May 2008 17:35:37) CharlieB
Cheers Roxta! I thoroughly enjoyed playing to the friendz crowd once again who ALWAYS go off and just as much smashing it up on the dance floor to all the other quality sets delivered - Roll on the next one alright!! :-)

(20. May 2008 01:04:14) roxsta
Yeeeeeeeehaaaaah, they came in their masses for a slice of the friendz pie, no words can explain the up for it crowd and stonking tunes, set of the boat for me charlie bradley, back with a vengeance, totally on form and firing the trance tunes live and direct, steve blake again reminding us why he is a legend, he will never be forgotten, top sets from everyone in fact, roll on the nxt one...

(19. May 2008 17:04:22) Soretha
What an awesome 5th birthday party Friendz had!! A big thank you to all the DJs and the great crowd!

The next boat party is Saturday, 19 July on the Golden Flame, 6-12pm.

Only good weather can make it better than Saturday\'s party :-) So book early to avoid disappointment!

(19. May 2008 12:09:58) Natalie
wicked party.
when is the next one ?

(19. May 2008 10:54:22) Ryan
Well, what an awesome party!

Wicked sets from all especially Steve Blake. Bring on the next one.

p.s. Who is the person below this message???

(17. May 2008 12:19:06) Bimaljeet Sijngh
Hai Dear,
I m Love,
I need very good friendz in my life.I had everything in my life but never got any frnd who cares for me.I need them & very serious.Answer me fast at my site and plz tell me ur name.

(16. May 2008 11:49:40) CharlieB
Bring on tomorrow!

(15. May 2008 20:31:57) Soretha
I am definatly up for it and very much looking forward to it!! See you Saturday!!

(15. May 2008 00:16:49) roxsta
Its tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! well, almost, lets crank this birthday boat party into gear, c\'mon, who\'s up for some serious slick stomping sexy sounds? All hail the good vessel friendz, movin\' out across the tide, my oh my, this baby I am gonna ride....

(14. May 2008 13:27:15) daniel
Hi All

I am trying to get some tickets for this weekend party but I cannot open a paypal account so I am stuck. Any Idea how to purchase tickets? Time is clicking :-( I tried to email on the contact details but no answer so far and did not have much luck on the phone either since I am allways going straight to the voice mail.

I will be forever grateful if someone can advise


(12. May 2008 22:46:55) Mark
I have 2 (possibly 3) spare tickets for this weekends boat party.
any one interested?

(16. April 2008 11:07:09) Elaine de Lange
Hi. guys.

Just wanted to check that no one has contacted you guys and said they have taken a black jacket by accident at the last boat party. A petite black jacket was taken and we realize it could easily have happened by mistake. Ciska had to get home without a jacket thus if any one has still got a jacket that they have taken by accident please let us know:-)

Kind Regards

(31. March 2008 14:01:29) Steve Allen & Ben Alonzi
Awesome boat party, we loved it!! A great event again by the friendz promoters and every DJ was spot on.

And the most important of all, as usual the friendz crowd were out of this world.

Hope to see you all again soon

Ben & Steve

(31. March 2008 11:19:00) Cameron
Great Boat party, will have the photos up by mid week. Cant wait for the next one :).


(28. March 2008 18:22:34) pero
I have two spare tickets if anyone is interested. 07795075038

(28. March 2008 17:06:02) helena
Amped ? WTF ? !

(28. March 2008 17:05:41) helena
\"amped\" ????? !!!!!!

(27. March 2008 19:18:52) Charlie B
So amped for this!

(25. March 2008 11:08:59) Natalie
does anyone have two spare tickets for saturday ?
if so please contact me on
thank you xxxx

(23. March 2008 14:53:08) Julian
Hello guys,
I also need 2 tickets. So plz let me know if you have some that you donīt need etc...

(22. March 2008 01:27:57) roxsta
bout a week to go......feelin\' the trance engine beginning to crank....

(19. March 2008 22:28:36) Don
Guys better if you post the need for tickets on the Friendz Facebook group forum or Dsi Friendz group

(19. March 2008 20:45:37) Chris de Beer
Hi Guys

Do you know of anyone who has any spare tickets ( Need 2 -6 tickets ). Any would be appreciated.

Chris de Beer

(19. March 2008 20:37:06) Chris de Beer
Hi Guys

Does anyone have spare tickets (2 - 6 tickets needed). My number is 07834474296.

Chris de Beer

(19. March 2008 20:35:33) Chris de Beer
Hi Guys

Does anyone have spare tickets (2 - 6 tickets needed).

Chris de Beer

(19. March 2008 20:35:07) Chris de Beer
Hi Guys

Does anyone have spare tickets (2 - 6 tickets needed).

Chris de Beer

(19. March 2008 12:48:10) Miguel
Hi guys,

My names Miguel and im having my 21st on the boat party with my mates, but my girlfriend failed to get a ticket as they all sold out. Really want her to be ther so if anyone has ANY spare i will happily pay serious money for them!

(18. March 2008 20:55:08) Neil Bowie
Does anyone have 2 spare tickets to sell ???? PLEEEEEEEEEASE !!!!!!! Neil

(9. March 2008 20:59:18) Soretha
Me too!! Not too long now :-)

(13. February 2008 12:56:07) poplap
Looking forward to this boat party!!!!

(6. February 2008 23:04:04) roxsta
Really? is this true? soretha will return for a slice of euphoric bliss!!! aye aye captain, the vessel awaits this fair sweet maiden...full smiles ahead....crank up the sound....onwards and outwards...destination friendz!

(1. February 2008 14:00:36) Soretha
I cannot wait for the boat party on the 29th, it has been too long!!! Looking forward to catch up with everyone again :-) Roll on March!

(29. January 2008 14:14:46) Ryan Wilkinson
Check out this awesome interview with Ian Betts:

(12. November 2007 11:57:00) Ryan Wilkinson
Awesome boat party guys! Despite the col weather it was good fun. All the DJ\'s were great, especially Neutrino, and I especially loved Trevor playing Darude \'Sandstorm\' towards the end of his set.

(9. November 2007 22:35:12) Soretha
Thanks Dee - See if Jana can change it us

(8. November 2007 19:29:59) Dee
hey guys, hope all is well, i have an suggestion for the gallery page.
can you guys maybe add the name of the event with the date?it will make it easier to look for pics, with the event name, coz i know , i am not that good with dates,,,
like now, i want to look at a certain event , but i have to look through all the photo sets cause i can\'t remember the date.

enjoy the boat party!!

(7. November 2007 17:22:53) charlie b
Hey Soretha we will miss you!

(6. November 2007 20:12:30) Soretha
Hopefully the last boat party I will miss... Have fun everyone and hope to see you back at Friendz next year!!

Nice work on the Podcast Wynand and Stephan, its great! Looking forward to the next one :-)

(5. November 2007 13:55:39) charlie b
nice one Carine - looking forward to seeing you there!

(2. November 2007 23:50:59) Carine
I\'ve just booked my ticket!!!

(26. October 2007 23:53:11) roxsta
boo hoo the pressure, the pain, the tears, the sorrow....

(8. October 2007 18:40:30) charlie b
Well Rox there isn\'t really a choice as you must come to both!

(7. October 2007 23:48:26) Wynand
I know a Friendz legend - Charlie Rox. He called on all Kiwi\'s not to be weak after their French defeat . You should do the same!

(7. October 2007 17:48:35) roxsta
I can\'t decide, do I got to the boat party and koko? or just koko, anyone else having decision problems or is it just me!!!

(15. September 2007 23:16:42) Carine
I think I\'m overdue a boat party this year, especially the friendz one. Will defo come to this one.

Trevor - the PVD gig is the weekend before!!!
See you all onboard.

(4. August 2007 17:18:35) roxsta
Completely off? mayhem ensued the golden jubilee, stomping from the start and the most up for it crowd ever, electricfying sets from all and a speechless final set from courage, things will never be the same....legend!

(4. August 2007 02:32:18) Charlie B
As expected it sounds like the boat party went completely off! I can hardly bring myself to look at the pics... ;-)

(3. August 2007 11:25:41) Lizelle
That was one fantastic boat party, thanks to all the DJ\'s and the crowd - couldn\'t have been better!!! Lx

(30. July 2007 17:54:56) Chris E
The bad weather seemed to go unnoticed by an enthusiastic crowd on the boat. There was dancing on both the decks which were the result of great sets performed by the djís and a electric atmosphere created by the people there! It was one of the best Friendz parties Iíve been to! More like it PLEASE :)

(29. July 2007 15:03:50) Steve Allen & Ben Alonzi
Cheers for last night guys, loved it! thanx for having us down and we hope to see you all again soon :)

Steve & Ben

(25. July 2007 14:10:10) David Brinson
Just three more days - you lucky people!

(16. July 2007 11:20:27) Ryan Wilkinson
Hi everyone!

Please check out the DSI psoting for the Summer Boat Party and the Pre-Party at the Temple Walkabout and add your name to the attending list!

See you all there

(9. July 2007 14:39:06) Carine
My first boat party of this year and so looking forward to it. Hope to catch up with all the usual suspects then x

(27. June 2007 18:11:09) poplap
looking forward to the next boat party
when will the koko club photos be on site?

(19. June 2007 12:39:52) charlie b
Will be in Ibiza on 22nd June so unfortunatley will miss Wynand and Trevor take Heaven main room apart - so roll on the Summer Boat Party on 28th of July!

(3. June 2007 23:51:25) roxsta
Fab day and what a venue for heaven, that place was off the scale! weather was naff for the boat but overall I reckon another successful installation in the cosmic universe of friendz, the star still shines bright...

(1. June 2007 18:19:36) Wynand
Photos of Friendz room Koko club - 6 May to follow..

(1. June 2007 18:18:04) Wynand
Thanks to everyone. Good to hear most people had a great time. Photos have been uploaded. Waiting for web team to do the rest..

(1. June 2007 09:24:14) H
Absolutely fantastic party, thank you sooo much! Have you photos for the gallery? When will they appear?

(31. May 2007 17:24:41) Pete
Great day/night, great music and great sleep (eventually).

(30. May 2007 11:55:53) Trevor McLachlan
Boat party was wicked... Thanks to all who came along, was quality. Wicked sets by all and was great to see everyone as usual!
Can\'t wait till the 28th July :-)

(29. May 2007 17:58:00) Charlie B
the weather a bit crap but the party went off as did the after party At Heaven!

(29. May 2007 12:43:25) Helen
heyyyy guys how was the weather for the boat party ?
was it or was it not awesome ?

(26. May 2007 15:00:02) charlieB
rox you poet!

(24. May 2007 01:21:47) roxsta
c\'mon, its nearly time, can\'t wait to catch up with the regular\'s and party on down and across the water! roll on sun, clock is ticking and my feet are trippin\'...

(23. May 2007 23:24:03) LJ
not sure whether we should keep our hopes up for good weather, BUT has that ever stopped us having a good time..... ? C\'on Sunday !

(23. May 2007 22:46:26) poplap
i do hope todays weather shines through on sunday
looking forward to a gr8 boat party

(23. May 2007 18:30:08) Estie
Counting the sleeps already, looking forward to see everyone again!!

(23. May 2007 12:37:33) Charlie B
Damn right, can\'t wait for Sunday!

(23. May 2007 12:28:51) Lizelle
Alooo peoples of the palace - hope you guys are feeling the excitement of the weekend coming on - not too early I think, just the recipe to drag us through the week!!! Enjoy the sunny weather today and see you on the boat!!!

(27. April 2007 10:22:11) Katarina
Hello dear friendz!!!
I just have to complain!!! Why did you change the boat to sunday??? :( I misssed the last two parties - that has never happened before and now I can\'t make the boat either... That is just not fair!!! how will I survive such a long wait?

(24. April 2007 13:51:44) Lizelle
Alooooooo, big thank you to all the DJ\'s what an awesome party, hope to see you all soon! x

(24. April 2007 11:58:52) Johann
Yes Dizzi, that\'s the one Wynand... Love you more by Neon Lights, what a top tune!!!

(24. April 2007 08:29:35) Iain
I posted on DSI. See that please. Great time. Another sell out. Big thanks. Special note for Peter on DSI. Bfn. No pics anywhere yet?

(23. April 2007 23:54:30) Wynand
Big thanks to everyone who supported Friendz on the weekend. Especially with such great weather outside.. Dizzi I think your tune is Love you more by Neon Lights

(23. April 2007 19:51:53) Dizzi
so does nayone know what that tune is called that steve blake played?? with the lyrics - i can never love you more.. when the sky falls down and la la la laaaaaaa.. dontm know the rest - come on you dj;s!!! surley you would know... xx

(23. April 2007 18:24:10) Ryan Wilkinson
Hey guys and girls,

Thanks again for a great party this weekend and thanks again for the chance to play for Friendz!!

It\'s always such a amazing and friendly crowd.

Can\'t wait for the next one

(23. April 2007 09:41:15) AENEA
Thanks for having me down to play again guys, that was awesome fun. Roll on the next one!!

(22. April 2007 21:22:20) Dizzi
hey peeps.. another fab friendz party with one of my fav dj\'s steve blake.. do any of you guys know the name of the choon he played maybe after binary finary with the lyrics.. i can never love you more.. or something like that?? i have heard it for years but have never known the title of it... thanks.. Diz x

(18. April 2007 16:16:58) David Brinson
Just a couple more days till the Classics party - I can\'t wait to see you all on the dance floor again!

(18. April 2007 12:08:19) Ryan W
Wow, we are almost at the stage of another Friendz party. I am really excited about this Classics party and also looking forward to playing for Friendz again!

Don\'t forget about the after party at EP Lounge.

See you all this weekend...

(18. April 2007 00:55:47) roxsta
Its nearly time...looking forward to friendz classic party, missed out on the last instalment so really amped and fired for this sat, can\'t wait to hear the memories of old, charlie b ready to lay down the explosive melodies of 2005/2006, wynand lining up corkin\' belters of 2003/2004 and my fav years from the undisputed master of dynamite, unleashing 1999 to 2002 mr blake, excitement doesn\'t get any better...look forward to see everyone and take a dance floor detour back into time....

(17. April 2007 13:57:50) Lizelle
Can\'t wait for Saturday, the trance Classics are my favourite!!! ;o)

(13. April 2007 18:24:13) poplap
so glad the boat party moved to the sunday!gr8 move!
looking forward to it

(13. April 2007 17:44:52) Helen
must say guys, its totally messed things up you changing the dates of the boat party. none of us can go now : (

(4. April 2007 14:14:32) Wynand
Sorry you cant mate the boat party Carine. We ll miss you! Thanks Dee.. Hope to see all on the 21st or in May

(4. April 2007 09:18:43) Charlie B
Roll on 21st of April - looking forward to a night of trance classics!

(2. April 2007 18:06:30) Dee
hi guys, just got an invite from dsi groups :)
and nice myspace site...i see big things to come for friendz in the future!!! good luck and keep up the great music!!!

(1. April 2007 18:12:22) Carine
Well, the last party was pretty good. Particularly enjoyed Bettsy\'s set.
I didn\'t attend the after party but heard very good things about it and the new venue. I hope to check it out in the future.

Shame about the change of date for the boat party (now 27th May), was really looking forward to coming along to that. I can\'t believe you booked John O\'Callaghan too, the man is a fine producer and an amazing dj too, well done for booking him.
I\'ll be in Sheffield for PVD 6-hour set that night.

I guess it\'s all about the July boat party now!!!

(17. March 2007 12:41:36) Iain
oh sorry, and if you see yourself as a Dj on list, its only me asking not expecting. if you wanna be, cool. let me know. you might not even be able to come at all. cool, see word doc on site. polite no\'s not necessary. ta!

(17. March 2007 12:39:36) Iain
and a warning. or i\'m just stupid...
i sent out about 200 text messages of 300ish words each thinking that there wasn\'t a limit or at least it wasn\'t that low. each message is limited on virgin to about 22 words so basically, i spent about £80 in the end. no replies of \"stupid\" necessary. that\'s why i\'m not in IT anymore i guess ;-)

(17. March 2007 12:36:45) Iain
hi all
see please as of monday. it\'s up n running now but no guestlist and rules/guidlelines til monday. not really a club just borrowed the www from a friend for a few weeks. no money making or launch, just my birthday. all welcome if you been to friendz before but you must be on list to get in coz there are just one or two undesireables i dont want to come. if you wanna be on list... see site. 240 invited. should be top party. hopy y\'all well xx

(16. March 2007 19:39:50) Estie
Thanks to everyone once again for a kickass party!! Loved Bar Ortega. And the music was just awesome- I enjoyed every single song for 9 solid hours-not much sitting down,hence the aching muscles this week... Trev and Ian- thanks for ending the night with a bang! Bring on April!

(16. March 2007 14:44:15) Sherry
thanks to all for such a great party. see you soon :-)

(15. March 2007 06:36:21) Iain
Oh and heads up on my birthday party (39). Easter saturday. Location not confirmed yet, somewhere in east london near limehouse.
Drop me an email for more info probably best only come if you\'re broadminded/up for an adventurous night ;-) kicks off 10pm til sunday sometime? maybe monday too but will have moved venues by then.
Entry is free. Need to email me to be on list. Not on list, no entry.
Top DJ line up. Mainly uplifting trance n funky house plus some golden oldies and chill out stuff.

(15. March 2007 06:29:36) Iain
Great pics. Thanks. Cheers to all. I had a blast again. Apologies for disappearing suddenly. I was so tired. I\'d been at Turnmills since 11pm Friday til finish time saturday then on to Ortega which was much better than first thought, I thought. Hope everyone had a top time. See ya\'ll next time. Take care x :-)

(14. March 2007 21:45:05) Neutrino
Hey guys, last sat was my first time at a friendz party and i must say i was well impressed. Once the place filled up it was awesome, the crowed felt so friendly with sucha sense of togetherness. I look forward to comming down to the next one! Cheers Wynand and the rest!!!

(14. March 2007 20:55:42) Soretha
Not long at all Tom! They on the website already!

Really enjoyed the party and after party on Saturday! Thanks to all the DJ\'s spoiling us with great tunes!

Was good to see you out again Morne and we will miss you Mark, all the best with life back in NZ.

Already looking forward to next time!

(14. March 2007 15:46:49) Tom
How long will we have to wait for the photos again :-)

(13. March 2007 18:20:20) Charlie B
On behalf of all of us at Friendz I\'d like to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who came down on Saturday.

Due to the weather being the best it\'s been for ages, the party was a slow burner and took longer than usual to pack out but once it did it was definitely firing on all cylinders!

Thank you to all the DJ\'s for supplying the platform for an awesome day and a big thanks to guest Ian Betts for playing such a blinding set.

And finally the after party. What a venue! I think the whole of Friendz came down to Bar Ortega and partied on right till 2am!

Good work everybody - see you on April 21st!

(13. March 2007 17:38:29) morne
Thanks for a great party ,great to be back..Looking forward to see everyone again next month!

(8. March 2007 13:52:05) Tom
Only received my email last night. Maybe we should all send in our mobile numbers and you can text us. Emails are crap. Didnt even know Friendz was on this weekend

(7. March 2007 19:03:04) Wynand
Brad good to hear from you. Hope all is well in Oz. Looking fwd to your return

(7. March 2007 17:21:17) Charlie B
Brad mate, how was the Frantic boat party?

Hope you\'re well!

(5. March 2007 12:19:50) Brad Thatcher
Hey all.
Hope you are all well. I like the forum idea! great stuff!!!
Best wishes from sunny Australia : ))
Brad : )

(2. March 2007 19:27:12) Trevor McLachlan

I trust you all received the new format of the mailout? What did everyone think of it?

Just remember you need to click on the new guestlist email address to get your names added to the concession guest list, you can\'t reply to the new mailout...

(27. February 2007 18:19:43) David Brinson
Like the myspace site, and bring on next Saturday!

(26. February 2007 14:19:00) Alex Buck
Woohoo! Really looking forward to playing at Friendz again. Last party was wicked. Crowd really up for it all day. Got loads of smiley trance ready for this one.

Bring it on!!

(23. February 2007 15:51:00) AENEA
Roll on the 10th of March!!! :) last Friendz party was superb.

(23. February 2007 15:19:33) Ryan W
Thought I would come on here and tell you how much I\'m looking forward to playing at my first Friendz party!

Should be awesome fun and hope to meet you all down there.

(20. February 2007 23:28:25) Wynand Thanks Trev for all the work. Very much appreciated by all of us!

(20. February 2007 23:27:54) Wynand
Thanks Pix! Looking fwd to see you at the next one!

(19. February 2007 18:12:23) Pix
First Friendz party.... what a great night!! C u at the next one :)

(15. February 2007 13:27:59) CharlieB
Hell yeah can\'t wait for March 10!

Missed the last 2 parties due to being on an extended holiday - so amped to get back in to T2 to party and blast out the tunes to all the friendz crew :-)

(14. February 2007 18:35:16) BooB
P.S Love the photo on the home page.. ;o)

(14. February 2007 18:33:38) BooB
Just read line up of next friendz, cant wait! Will definatly be there causing trouble :0)

(14. February 2007 12:55:57) Sasha
COLD ? I was ROASTING !! Was a wicked party, see u at the next one. loving the baloons by the way. xxxxx

(1. February 2007 03:29:16) dee
sonskyn... if you were cold , you didn\'t dance enough honey ;)

(31. January 2007 22:55:43) Wynand
Sorry to hear you had a disappointing party Sonskyn. Weíve only received good feedback so far with regards to party, but we do understand that not all people have the same view point. Hope the March one will be better for you.

(31. January 2007 18:35:30) Sonskyn
I love friendz parties but this last one was really dissapointing, it was really cold in the club & the music wasn\'t great at all! Sorry, thought I let you know!

(31. January 2007 14:15:26) Lizelle
Was a great party and the music was awesome, thanks to everyone for making it happen!!! Have a stunning week!!! ;-)

(30. January 2007 22:51:06) Wynand
Couldnt have asked for a better Jan party. Thanks to everyone! Special thanks to Ian and Steve for playing at my b\'day. Great idea Dee - we\'ll put it to work!

(30. January 2007 20:31:48) Dan
Hey guys,

Thanks to all of you who stayed till the end. Much appreciated. What a party !! Once again met some wicked people with the passion for great music and an awesome time out. Also nice to see all the old faces ...
Cheers everyone and have a great 2007.

(30. January 2007 18:09:28) dee
when will Friendz be getting a myspace????? good for networking~~~sorry if you guys allready have one~~

(30. January 2007 11:18:47) Trevor McLachlan

Thanks to all who came to Friendz on the weekend, was a wicked start to 2007 for Friendz! Great to see everyone, and Happy Birthday to Wynand...
See you all on the 10th March, for another cracking party! Details will be up soon

(25. January 2007 12:19:51) CharlieB
To all the Friendz crew, have a wicked wicked party on Saturday!

Quality line up again ensuring a pumping party for you all.

I will def be there in spirit - see you soon.

(24. January 2007 16:37:05) roxsta
Bring forth the bliss and happiness that we wait for this sat, rally in the masses and spread the word, this one will reach new levels of enlightenment. Friendz returns and this time hold on to your hats, yeeeehaaah...ride em!! karl, be good to see u too

(24. January 2007 13:36:11) Lizelle
The weekend is insight and OHHHH what a weekend it\'s going to be!!! Soooooo much celebrating to do, bring it on!!!!

(23. January 2007 23:58:23) Wynand
Karl. Looking fwd to have you back at Friendz! Long time no see :-)

(23. January 2007 13:50:46) Estie
Thanks for the compliment David! See you all on Saturday! :-)

(23. January 2007 09:25:11) Karl Alexander
Looking forward to catching up with you guys on Saturday !! It\'s been a while since I was down.

Roxsta - good write up mate ;)

(20. January 2007 15:58:40) David
Are you the goodlooking Estie on the Promoters page?
Why are there so many beautiful girls on this site?

(19. January 2007 20:05:00) Estie
Hope everyone is looking forward to next weekend ,and well rested and ready for a huge party??! Bring it on, Cowboys and Cowgirls yeee ha!!

(20. December 2006 11:23:27) Wynand
Rox we need to use you for doing write ups for us! Thanks!! Apologies for the photos guys. Most of us are on holiday and we are experiencing email problems and had to revert to web email.. BUT sure Charlie and David will sort out the photo problems. Have a great Christmas and New Years!

(14. December 2006 12:14:00) GideonK
Where are da pictures of the 2nd December party? Wanna show the people back home what there missing...

(8. December 2006 13:17:40) roxsta
It just flowed!!! like the party!

(8. December 2006 10:58:13) Mark Bowler
Rox, you should be writing for the news papers with that kind of literary expertise. I don\'t think anyone else could have said it better.

(6. December 2006 14:06:56) CharlieB
Dude, perfect!

Long may there be many more of this quality next year!

(5. December 2006 23:29:15) roxsta
It was a legend day, as the masses arrived for a slice of the friendz vibe, wynand warming with lush trance b2b with dan, the mood was being etched into the awaiting party heads, the frenchies then took the stage, another b2b assault that started to raise the temps. julien et marc weaving their special magic, 1 to 1, it ws pumping! In the room downstairs the electro and house was creating its own unique crazy session, bowler slammin in the gracious dirty beats, man, it was too good to be true.Upstairs ben was now on, tking the room on a journey beyond sight and sound, euphoric trance with a tough edge, scratching, filtering, a few tricks here and there, friendz was truly going to the outer limits of TUNEAGE!!! Nxt ladies and gentlemen, the dynamic duo trev n brad, what can I say? INCREDIBLE! tune selection second to none, and exactly what u would expect from 2 masters of the genre, uplifting, driving, with a few classics to shake the fondations of the E.P. lounge, but, it didn't end there! To the stand the man like courage, sir, I salute you, and I know I speak for many, from yre humble beginnings to the closing set of friendz, one word- UNBELIEVABLE! for me, one of the best closing sets this year at friendz and what a way to end the year, roll on 2007. Hpe this helps on what u missed, that was the full package, wrapped and delivered!!!

(5. December 2006 17:21:44) CharlieB
OK guy's I was out of the country for this one so updates please! :-)

(19. November 2006 23:53:55) roxsta
As part of the koppens massive, no sleep for 2 days, I held my own and partied at the ep lounge, as per usual top top tuneage and pumpin vibe, was gonna leave bout eleven but couldn't till 2am cause it was so GOD DAMN FIRING!!!! charlie b proving yet again a worthy resident, blake a legend, courage unleashed and wynand big phat warm trance, more plse, 2 weeks to go.....

(19. November 2006 19:22:57) AENEA
I have been to a few friendz parties by now and is by far one of the best trance parties around (but then you already know that). Always quality music and DJ's, friendly people and a great venue. Had an awesome night on the last and looks like its gonna be a regular party to visit. well done.

(16. November 2006 18:00:30) CharlieB
It was a total record for me - not even sure I can disclose the finish up time - might be incriminating! :-)

Well played yourself courage. All the residents played blinders and the guests did themselves proud.

(16. November 2006 13:09:29) Courage
Too true, too true. A wise man Charlie B has become. Very good evening and good to see the Koppens massive there after a fearless night before. Still charging when I left. What time did that end on Sunday? That must have been close to a record session??????

(14. November 2006 17:53:41) Fraser
I second that. Great set as usual Charlie. Less than three weeks until the next one! :-)

(14. November 2006 15:34:38) CharlieB
Thanks everyone for coming down to EP Lounge and going off until the end.

Had a great time and really enjoyed playing on that crystal clear sound system.

All the dj's delivered once again!

Good to see you all.

(10. November 2006 16:17:14) CharlieB

(9. November 2006 01:08:46) roxsta
time is ticking, bring forth the trance frenzy of friendz!!!

(8. November 2006 18:01:53) charlieB
Amped as for Saturday - bring it on!

(8. November 2006 14:17:28) Estie
Only 3 more sleeps.....yay!!!

(6. November 2006 18:42:47) Dan
Come on Saturday!! Cant wait!

(2. November 2006 17:55:37) David Brinson
Vickie - thank you so much! I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed my remix of Eye of The Tiger!

Frieda and I are looking forward to seeing you and the rest our Friendz next Saturday - bring it on... ;-)

(30. October 2006 16:52:31) Vickie
Helloo Balloos!
I know itís a bit late as the Heat boat party has already been and gone. I just had to say well done to everyone and like Estie and a few others we tried to run from the one dance floor to the next just to make sure we could party with all the DJís while they were playing us some awesome tracks. There is one track I absolutely loved and would like to hear again and that was Davidís Eye of the Tiger track. AMASING! I had a bit of a boogie on that one. Thank you David and well done.

(27. October 2006 01:11:12) roxsta
Photo's from friendz weekender awesome, wynand on stage at koko with the ladies a true superstar!!! hurry up nov 11, lets rock and roll!!! big shout to evryone at friendz, see u all soon!!

(24. October 2006 00:58:44) JT
Immediately obvious to me was how much thought and effort went into planning the last party, nice touch with the dancers who added a little Eivissa flair to the mix! Served cold Wynand's set would still render me speechless, and to be honest, the same goes for the rest of the DJs who blew us away! Really thought the funky house at the back of the sturgeon was crisp as well, attitude.

(23. October 2006 16:06:41) David Brinson
Thanks Estie...

Wynand, your set rocked!

Bring on the 11th of Novmeber!

(23. October 2006 16:02:31) charlieB
Looking forward to November 11th already!

(22. October 2006 19:47:45) Wynand
Thanks funkydiva - much appreciated!

(21. October 2006 11:33:48) funkydiva
If you look at pic 184/191 and that look on Wynands face is not pure euphoria, then I don't know what is...

What a legend!

(20. October 2006 13:23:25) Wynand
Post on Harderfaster - we'll get someone to sort that out. Photos will hopefully be on today - sorry for the delay!

(20. October 2006 04:53:51) Dee
Guys you really need to post some pics on hf!!!!!
Not seen any on there for a while!

(18. October 2006 22:05:38) Dan
What a weekend. First the boat party with my favourite DJ K90 and then KOKO with Wynand leading the way, what more do you want? Wynand , you absolutely blew the crowd away. O yes and those dancers was a great touch.....
Cheers guys,
c u @ the next Friendz 11 Nov.

(18. October 2006 21:53:30) Wynand
Thanks to all of you for the support. Very much appreciated!! It was great to see the Friendz faces in the crowd! Looking fwd to the 11th

(18. October 2006 19:30:17) Estie
Had such a great time once again. Wynand you rocked KOKO!!! Jaques and Dave in the funky room, that was MORE than awesome too!Didnt expect much less...All the Friendz DJ's played really well,I got to the end of the boat and realised I hadnt sat down once, I ran from one room to the other making sure I got to see and hear everyone!! Sorry if I missed anyone!

Cant wait till next time!!

(18. October 2006 11:50:34) Shane
Nice one Wynand!!!!!It was really fun to c u njoy yourself that much!!

(17. October 2006 15:03:50) CharlieB
Awesome day and night - all the friendz crew represented in style! :-)

Special mention to Wynand for tearing Koko a new asshole.

(17. October 2006 11:51:25) Wernard
Koko was kickin'!

Always a bit weird though seeing family in a club.

(17. October 2006 10:06:03) Wynand
Good to hear you all enjoyed it. Our photos should be on the website Wed or Thursday. I'm sure there'll also be photos on HF and DSI

(16. October 2006 23:22:28) Matt
Boat party was awesome (First one!)
Where can I find photos from it though - there were heaps of dudes walking round with cameras

(16. October 2006 03:25:04) cazabela
hi party people i had a wicked time on heatuk boat party hope you all enjoyed as much as me!!!!!!!!

(13. October 2006 11:29:55) Chantal
Happy Friday all you naughty bums!
I think if everyone who's looking forward 2 tomorrow, were to post a msg on the 'forum', this website would crash..?!?
Look 4ward to seeing all you happy party-goers 2mrw! x

(12. October 2006 00:27:42) Rudi
Only if you go! Heat/Friendz boat party and Heat b'day party?

(11. October 2006 11:14:57) Lizelle
HEAT Boat Party, you not coming?

(11. October 2006 00:29:33) Rudi
Wass on this weekend?

(10. October 2006 17:41:24) Lizelle
Alooooooo, looking soooo forward to Saturday, haven't seen you guys in a while, so prepare for a big one, he he he!!!

(10. October 2006 17:12:00) Estie
OOOOOHHH Yes! Cant wait to see everyone again!Silver Sturgeon here we come! :-)

(10. October 2006 16:54:21) Soretha
Anyone else REALLY looking forward to Saturday??

I cannot wait!!

(3. October 2006 21:30:02) Dan
Hey guys,
Sorry I'm only replying now. BUT thanks for the kind words about my set at the last Friendz afterparty. You guys made it great. I enjoyed every moment of it even though I looked a bit stressed according to a few of you ... ? See you at the boat party. It's going to be wicked .....

(25. September 2006 13:33:22) Carine
This forum is a great idea...
Enjoyed my time at Friendz, Charlie Bradley was in great form and closed the party in great style. The after party was also good and Dan played a blinding set.
Can't wait to see the photos...

(22. September 2006 14:54:13) Ronel
Glad to see the forum is alive. The after party was great and everything went really well. Everyone played great and the crowd was in good spirits. Looking forward to seeing the new photos.

(20. September 2006 15:32:32) roxsta
Awesome party last sat, gr8 turnout and firing blindin set from new resident charlie bradley, long may his trance reign continue!!! Couldn't make the after party, gutted, how did it go? really wanted to see dan play but alas I was robbed, hpe he plays again soon, hi to all the crew

(20. September 2006 13:13:31) Christo
I would like to thank all the DJís at Friendz (16 Sep) for keeping the music pumping, it was sensational! A special congrats to Daniel van Rooyen for playing his 1st set at the after party, well done!

(19. September 2006 12:57:29) CharlieB
What a PARTY!

Thanks to everyone that came down and partied hard.

I had a brilliant time and am so stoked to be a friendz resident!

Roll onthe boat party.

(18. September 2006 22:52:20) Wynand
Was a great pleasure having you all at Friendz. We'll miss you! Hope to see you back one day xx

(18. September 2006 13:02:52) Danelle Prinsloo
I just want to thank you all for such a great party on saturday! It was our last Friendz party and you all will be missed!!! We are flying back to South Africa the night the boatparty's on - so shake some asses for us while ur there!! Take care and you never know when we might come back!! lots of love danelle and mario and on behalf of maritsa and anton!! mwah to you all!!

(15. September 2006 15:17:45) Trevor McLachlan
What a great idea. Can't wait for tomorrow, see you all there :-)

(15. September 2006 15:01:34) rudi

(15. September 2006 14:35:28) Deona
Hi guys! - what a week, but hey hey its friday :-)
Looking forward to see everyone at Friendz!!!!

(15. September 2006 13:37:24) JT
Technology, what a wonderfull thing, Ilove it!

Who knows, maybe oneday we can 'vluit' via the internet...

(15. September 2006 11:28:47) Wynand
Welcome to the Friendz forum everyone. Please let us know all your likes and dislikes. Thanks to Jana and Petr (web team) for getting this up in such a short time

(15. September 2006 11:24:45) Soretha
Looking forward to catch up with everyone back at Turnmills tomorrow!

(15. September 2006 10:43:26) Wynand
Welcome to the Friendz forum everyone. Please let us know all your likes and dislikes. Thanks to Jana and Petr (web team) for getting this up in such a short time

(15. September 2006 10:22:27) CharlieB
The Forum is up and online!

Roll on Saurday!

(14. September 2006 21:35:07) Tester
First message - written by author - Mr. Hudson :)